Step by step installation

To use ViMo you need a smart phone (Android or iOS) and an active Phone number to register with.
Download the free ViMo App from Google Play or Appstore. Once the installation is finished, open the App

After entering your number, you’ll receive a sms with a code to confirm the registration process.
For iphones, please enter the code manually.
For most Android phones, the code will be detected automatically.

Why do we need your phone number for the registration?
  • Your Number is your ViMo Identification. You need your number to create an account and to receive unlimited free calls from family and friends abroad
  • The registration is free, no charges no hidden costs, no contract
  • Your number is safe with us – we don’t disclose it to any third parties
  • Now the beautiful part: Choose your country and ViMo will provide you your country’s number for free.
    Share your number and receive your first call, try it out.
    Note: Receive a call within 24 Hours to activate your number, otherwise it will be removed and used for other ViMo Users.
    Test your number 3 days for free, receive as many calls as you wish.
    Recharge your ViMo Balance to make calls or to send airtime, to renew your number for another 30 days free

    Rates & Prices

    Calling from …

    Calling to …

    Receive unlimited calls

    Get your Nigerian number. Family & Friends can call you for local rates or even free, if they have free Minutes.

    Test free for 30 days. Recharge your ViMo Credit within 3 days to continue free trial.

    Then your number will renew automatically for only 2,99 € every 30 days (from ViMo balance). You can cancel your number at any time

    Outgoing call rates

    Promo Rates

    (With active Nigerian number)



    Standard Rates



    Rates shown are subject to a connection charge of per call.

    Recharge any Nigerian number

    Use ViMo to recharge any Nigerian phone number of these providers:

    60 mins to Nigerian | 5

    Get your Nigerian package and save more money

    Term & conditions

    ViMo reached 100,000 registrations!

    ViMo thanks all customers for their trust and loyalty. We would like to celebrate this great success with you. Check out our social media profiles to learn about special free vouchers!

    Why is ViMo different?

    It’s a Revolution in Telecom
    ViMo is the first App, of its type, worldwide, which offers you your Country’s phoneline to make cheap and to receive unlimited calls! Other Apps only offer expensive international one way calls, but you can never receive calls (or your family have to give you missed calls, to call them back, which is again expensive)
    Why should I take a ViMo Number?
    You Country’s Number will allow you to make calls, cheaper than the international rates in the market! It would be almost as cheap as a local call of your Country! And the best thing: Anyone in your country can just call your number as local – no Internet or any App required! Receive unlimited calls.
    How does ViMo connect calls
    Many Apps offer free calls, but they only work with Internet (VOIP)! ViMo allows you to make cheap VOIP Calls and also to make cheap calls without Internet! ViMo would dial a local Number of the country in which you stay, to connect you with the international Number you’ve dialled. Your Simcard would be charged for the local call only, the international part would be charged via ViMo.
    How can i help my family abroad, to save their money?
    Very simple, with ViMo you can recharge almost any Phone Number worldwide. Now let’s take a sample: to call for example Ghana costs internationally 25 Cent. But calls in Ghana cost around 1 Cent. So now recharge your family’s Phonenumber in Ghana and ask them to call your Ghanian Number, provided by ViMo. Now you can talk to Ghana for 1 Cent / Minute. How much Money you will save? We know, Telecom Operators wont love to hear